Capt. Leon H Schneider (1922-2020)

Leon H Schneider passed away on the evening of November 7, 2020. He was 98.

Born in 1922, Leon grew up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. He dropped out of high school to hitchhike around the country. He joined the United States Merchant Marine and shipped out to Hawaii in 1941, returning one week before Pearl Harbor. He survived being torpedoed twice by Nazi U-Boats. He became a ship’s officer at Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy, and went to London during the Blitz. He then spent the next 23 years as a ship’s officer, including several voyages supplying our troops during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He retired after attaining the rank of Captain. The story of his amazing life was recounted in LEON: A LIFE (Old Convincer Publishing, 2019).

He is survived by wife Tamara, two sons and a daughter, and numerous grandchildren.

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