About the writer

Ivan Schneider works as a ghostwriter and copywriter for large global consulting firms, technology companies, and high-tech startups. He collaborates on custom publications and other creative endeavors with his mother, Tamara Schneider, who provides art direction, design, and illustration.

Ivan attended Carnegie Mellon as an undergraduate and worked as a database programmer before earning an MBA from Vanderbilt and completing a full-year course studying the Japanese language at Cornell. Then, he spent five years with CMP Media as an editor for a trade publication in financial technology.

In 2012, he earned his Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard Extension School, concentrating in Foreign Literature and Culture with a thesis on the talking-dog short stories of Cervantes, Hoffmann, Gogol, Kafka, and Bulgakov. In 2017, his article “The Search for Dog in Cervantes” was published in the Animal Narratology special issue of Humanities, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. He has presented his research at the Harvard Extension Alumni Symposium, and in Seattle at Mercer Street Books and The Grocery Studios. He is also a contributor to Seattle Review of Books.